5 Great Lighting Portrait Scenarios

5 Great Lighting Portrait Scenarios

Whereas each portrait photographer ought to learn to work with synthetic mild, obtainable mild remains to be an incredible device for a lot of purposes and generally is a better option in quite a lot of conditions. Obtainable mild could be extra versatile than you may think, and this glorious video tutorial affords 5 completely different situations for excellent portraits.

Coming to you from Pye Jirsa Adorama TV, this superior video tutorial will present you use obtainable mild for 5 completely different portrait situations. Whereas synthetic mild is nice for studying in regards to the distinctive versatility it may well give you, generally obtainable mild is the higher possibility. Working with obtainable mild generally is a good selection, particularly once you’re attempting to remain energetic and transfer quick, because it saves you from having to hold round quite a lot of tools. And once you study to learn the obtainable mild, you’ll uncover that it’s extra versatile and numerous than you thought. For the complete synopsis of Jirsa, watch the video above.

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