Eating After Lighting Mincha or Candles

Eating After Lighting Mincha or Candles

Ask Rov: Can I daven eat on or after mincha or Friday after lighting candles shkia?

By rabbi Chaim Hillel Raskin – Anash Rov at Petach Tikvah

By default, a girl lighting Shabbos candles is taken into account Shabbos acceptance and will now not be there afterward. daven Eat as a result of it is mincha or new day. If he accepts the Sabbaths inside 10 minutes, he could state that he doesn’t settle for the Sabbaths by lighting a light-weight. Alter Rebbe says {that a} lady mustn’t depend on a situation until it’s time of want. It’s thought-about a reliable have to make this requirement to drink minça or to drink after thirst. (It looks like such a requirement may very well be made annually.) one

A person lighting a candle doesn’t routinely settle for the Sabbath by lighting it, however it’s best to make this clear and should settle for the Sabbath inside 10 minutes.2 Some really feel that the duty to just accept Shabbos shortly after illumination solely applies when there’s a couple of illumination. 30 minute in the past shkiahas a result of in any other case the candles are clearly not related with Shabbos.3

A person who doesn’t mild Sabbath candles should settle for Sabbaths shortly beforehand. shkia To satisfy its obligation so as to add to Shabbos (tosefes Sabbaths).4

a could daven after mincha accepts tosefes Sabbaths? or later shkia when it is already bein hashmashos?

Some acharonym After accepting the Sabbaths, settle for that it’s too late. daven Friday mincha. Others argue that one can settle for Shabbos relating to: melacha, however not associated mincha.

In apply, the Alter Rebbe writes in Seder Hachnasas Shabbos: daven after mincha shkia (though he has already admitted tosefes Sabbaths). Alter Rebbe, ever since robe has your abdomenWe’re tolerant of permitting mincha unsure bein hashmashos.5 Nevertheless, if the “essence of Shabbos” is accepted (itzumo sel yom) – saying debt or mild a candle – nobody can anymore daven mincha

if minyan it’ll solely be after morning shkiahSome poskim maintain that robe earlier shkia even when it is not a precedence minyan.6 Nevertheless, the Alter Rebbe appears to carry onto this audacity within the aftermath. shkiah Collectively minyan preferable.

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