Gestational age estimation is more accurate with AI compared to standard biometrics

Gestational age estimation is more accurate with AI compared to standard biometrics

Gestational age could be estimated extra precisely with AI than commonplace fetal biometry-based strategies utilized by specialists. sonographers

Gestational age is extra precisely decided utilizing synthetic intelligence (AI)-based fashions in comparison with commonplace fetal biometry-based estimates utilized by sonographers, based on the findings of a retrospective examine by US researchers.

Fetal ultrasonography is used throughout being pregnant to examine the well being of unborn infants. As well as, ultrasonography supplies an estimation of gestational age, and that is particularly necessary for ladies who can not keep in mind their final menstrual interval or can not verify their estimated due date. Age estimates are based mostly on measurement of varied parameters comparable to biparietal diameter, head and belly circumference, femur or head-to-rump size. Nevertheless, these estimates are based mostly to some extent on the talent and expertise of the sonographer and machine-based learning methods have been shown to have good accuracy. In actual fact, a 2022 examine discovered {that a} AI model was not inferior to standard estimates of gestational age.

On this examine, US researchers developed three AI fashions to foretell gestational age (GA). The primary mannequin used fetal ultrasound photos captured by sonographers utilizing biometric measurements, the second used 5 to 10 seconds of video earlier than the picture was captured, and the ultimate mannequin mixed knowledge from each picture and video fashions, known as the ensemble mannequin. . All knowledge had been collected retrospectively and in all three trimesters. Fashions had been evaluated utilizing the imply distinction in absolute error between the GA mannequin estimate and the medical commonplace estimate. As well as, the analysis of AI fashions was carried out on an impartial check set, that’s, on a unique set than that used for the event of the fashions.

Gestational age estimation utilizing AI fashions

The check set consisted of 407 girls with a mean age of 28.8 years.

The general imply absolute error (MAE) for each the video and ensemble mannequin was considerably decrease than for normal fetal biometry. The MAE imply distinction for the ensemble mannequin was lowest at -1.51 days (95% CI -1.90 to -1.10), adopted by -1.48 days (95% CI 1.90 to -1.10) for the video mannequin. got here. The researchers additionally discovered that every of the fashions outperformed commonplace estimates (i.e., Hadlock-based) of suspected fetal progress restriction.

The authors concluded that diagnostic research display how AI fashions are superior for gestational age estimation when in comparison with the medical commonplace of fetal biometry. They added that as a result of the fashions use data collected throughout routine ultrasound exams, it needs to be attainable to include such fashions into routine medical care, permitting sonographers to estimate gestational age with larger accuracy.

Lee C et al. Developing a Machine Learning Model for Sonographic Assessment of Gestational Age. JAMA Internet Open 2023

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