Photographer Fools the Internet with Non-existent AI Cameras

Photographer Fools the Internet with Non-existent AI Cameras

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A photographer tricked the web with non-existent vintage digicam footage created by synthetic intelligence.

Mathieu Stern explains petapixel That he created fantasy cameras utilizing Midjourney earlier than engaged on them in Photoshop.

“The technology itself solely takes lower than a minute, what takes time is to construct command immediate, this trial and error half can take hours,” he says.



customers AI image generators Sort textual content prompts to explain the picture they need to see.

Picture and Language Combiner

Mathieu Stern used one other synthetic intelligence (AI) program known as ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, to assist write a compelling background for the cameras.

Stern reported that the “historic” cameras belonged to Emperor Qianlong of China, a real Qing dynasty ruler “who was fascinated by the artwork of images.”

The AI ​​bot was “notably amazed by the ingenuity of the cameras and the gorgeous photos they produced,” writes the AI.

“The Emperor was so engrossed in images that he ordered his finest craftsmen to construct a digicam made totally of porcelain.”




French photographer tells petapixel He mentioned the general concept of ​​the story was his, however the language studying mannequin ChatGPT “helps it make it like a full story with a greater construction.”

The fictional story continues: “The artisans have labored tirelessly to create a masterpiece that may please the Emperor. They handcrafted each single a part of the digicam utilizing the best kaolin clay and essentially the most delicate designs. When the digicam was gone, it was an exquisite factor. The blue and white porcelain shimmered within the mild, and the intricate designs and particulars have been actually breathtaking.

“The Emperor was very happy with the digicam and instantly ordered the palace photographer to make use of it to take portraits of himself and his palace. The ensuing photos have been dizzying and the Emperor was so happy with the digicam that he ordered a number of extra to be made for the palace photographers. Porcelain cameras, the Emperor’s pictures It has change into a logo of his love.”

Those that commented underneath the publish have been amazed by the story. “It is so cool,” says one individual. “Any probability to see the pictures they took?”

Intelligent observers famous that the Qianlong Emperor died in 1799, about 40 years earlier than the primary digicam was invented.

Artwork Nouveau

Stern additionally created a gorgeous-looking artwork nouveau digicam set that he claims was designed by artwork deco architect Hector Guimard and painter Gustav Klimt.


Equally, Stern used ChatGPT to create a persuasive background.

“In 1898, the well-known French actress Sarah Bernhardt requested her good friend and iconic artwork nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha to design a sequence of cameras for her rich photographer pals. Regardless of her lack of expertise designing cameras, Mucha took this chance to create some distinctive designs, incorporating the flowing traces and natural types of artwork nouveau into her creations.

“Mucha’s designs featured brass frames embellished with intricate mother-of-pearl inlays, and the home windows have been made out of the best European glass. He liked “La Divine Sarah” and requested different artists like Hector Guimard and Gustav Klimt to create particular artwork nouveau cameras.

“Whereas these artists produced a smaller amount of cameras for Sarah and her pals, their designs have been simply as distinctive and delightful. Guimard’s cameras had lengthy, curved frames with geometric patterns, whereas Klimt’s cameras have been embellished with gold leaf and complicated floral motifs.”

Sadly the cameras should not actual. However many mentioned they wished it was so so they may accumulate them.

Extra of Stern’s work might be discovered at his. instagram, twitterand YouTube.

Picture credit score: All photos are courtesy of Mathieu Stern.

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